Refuse To Lose

LiCD 3151

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i n d e x :
Refuse to lose
Do you know what I mean
It ain't what you do
Hot city
Should I stay or should I go
Hurricane shuffle
Indian woman
Hello from nowhere
Please don't touch
You ain't nothing but fine
Rage to love
I ain't prepared to die
King of love

m e d v e r k a n d e :
Peter Karlsson - sång, kompgitarr
Benny Melin - sologitarr, kör
Mats Karlsson - ståbas
Tommy Widén - kompgitarr, kör
Roger Johansson - trummor

a n d r a  s k i v o r  m e d  s a m m a  a r t i s t:
'Do The Bop'
(LiCD 3164) 'Motovatin´' (LiCD 3196)


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